Frequently Asked Questions
Can I still ship with my own carrier direct rates through OGRE?
Yes, you can easily plug your current LTL carrier credentials into OGRE and be shipping on your own rates instantly.
What service levels does OGRE provide?
Small parcel, LTL, hot shot/expedite, and full truckload (dry van, refrigerated, and flatbed)
Can I ship internationally with OGRE?
You can ship to Canada, but anything further than our neighbors to the north is currently outside of our desired sweet spot.
How much volume do I have to ship to be an OGRE customer?
Volume does not matter! We have customers that ship one pallet a month and some that ship 400 pallets a day. OGRE is uniquely designed to handle as much or as little as you want to throw at it!
I’ve been burned brokers in the past, what makes OGRE different?
Our integrity is backed up with transparency. When the smoke and mirrors are removed, everyone can easily keep each party accountable. Integrity through transparency is the backbone of our business model!
Do I have to sign a contract?
NO! Nobody likes contracts anymore and our goal is to earn your business on every transaction. If we don’t meet your expectations, we want you to have the full freedom to take your business elsewhere.
Who will send me the bill?
We will send you an itemized bill once a week electronically via email.
What if my freight gets damaged, how do I file a claim?
The claims process can be painful, and we eliminate as much pain as possible by having one of our expert operators gather whatever information we need from you on the front end, and then they work that claim on your behalf all the way through till resolution.
What information can I report on?
Anything you want! Every piece of data entered into OGRE from the user end or communicated to OGRE from the carrier is data mined. You can pull reports on whatever data you like, from whatever time frame you like, from whatever locations you'd like. Seriously, our reporting feature CRUSHES the competition's offerings.
How many users can I have?
As many as you like! Your corporate admin can set up as many users as you want.
How does OGRE retrieve the rates from the LTL and Small Parcel carriers?
OGRE fetches all rate information from the carriers in live time directly through the various API’s carriers have set up. That said, if your fuel surcharge or rates change, those changes will be reflected instantly in OGRE so there’s never any fear of being quoted an outdated rate.