We know our ship.
The story of OGRE.

Once upon a time, our founder, Wes Queen, was one of the top performing sales associates at UPS. Longing for a connection with his family, he eventually joined his father at his lighting company. Alas, Wes knew next to nothing about lighting, but he had a wealth of knowledge about supply chain management from his time at UPS.

He immediately applied that knowledge to the lighting company’s supply chain and saved the equivalent of half of his annual salary. Then he realized that his father’s company couldn’t be the only one getting hosed by carriers and freight brokers alike.

So Wes founded Simplified Logistic Solutions, LLC (SLS) in December 2011. SLS served as an outsourced shipping department for small- and medium-sized companies who lacked the industry knowledge or manpower to properly manage their supply chains.

SLS grew quickly and before long had a major scalability concern. Technology had to be the solution! SLS looked at dozens of different technology offerings and they all seemed to have the same three unappealing qualities: archaic, cumbersome, and overpriced. Wes couldn’t find a better way so he decided to make it himself.

In May of 2014, Wes began developing OGRE, their own proprietary supply chain management platform. In order to protect SLS from the risks of building a platform, Ship OGRE, LLC was created and owned 100% of OGRE's IP and patents, along with the financial risks of taking on such a project. OGRE’s simple, intuitive design would allow SLS employees and customers alike to ship freight in seconds, with more transparency and greater quality control than any other platform on the market.

In January of 2018, SLS and OGRE merged their names into one brand: OGRE. OGRE’s patent pending technology and rock star staff and their lean and mean manner of doing business allows them to offer better rates and impeccable customer service with a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Carriers love OGRE because it’s transparent. Shippers love OGRE because it’s easy. Thanks to OGRE, we can all ship happily ever after.