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Tracking Features
The primary objective of OGRE is to be very easy to use. That applies to our tracking tools. OGRE sends you autonomous emails tracking the progress of your shipment. You can also track loads directly from OGRE dashboard or you can access your carrier’s tracking sites directly from tracking emails and dashboard.
Carrier Rate Comparison
OGRE makes it easy to quote your carrier rates or OGRE’s rates, all at the same time on one simple dashboard. It’s all right there. Plus, it’s web-based, so OGRE is accessible from any device with an internet connection.
User Accessibility
Preferential Controls
You have the power. Built as a quality control measure, corporate admins can control what certain users can see and what they can do within the app.
Customer Markup Feature
Many shippers prepay and add dunnage on their shipping cost. OGRE allows you to add dunnage on a per company, per location, even per carrier basis so that the rates you see have dunnage automatically included in that rate.
Your choice, OGRE makes it easy to analyze reports on the fly or export them into your favorite format.
Easy to roll out
One of our customers has 21 locations across 9 different states. Each of those locations had multiple users utilizing OGRE daily. Roll out to all 21 locations took less than 1 day.
Quality Control Features
You can require certain fields be filled for quoting or booking. You can limit a standard users capabilities to quote and book oversized loads and so on. You can use OGRE’s rates or plug in your own carrier rates. All LTL loads quote, book, track, and report in the same fashion. OGRE understands that no two businesses run exactly the same so you can customize your user experience according to your needs.
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